Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoppy Eastah! (also, the post in which I fail at youth religious education)

The scene: A crowded restaurant, jam packed with senior citizens during the early lunch rush. I am sitting with The Hubbin'; Cecilia, 4; and Lucas, 2.

Cecilia: It's almost Easter!
Saki: I know! Are you excited?
Cecilia: Mommy, why do we have Easter?
Saki: Because of Jesus. Do you know who Jesus is?
Cecilia: *deer in headlights*
Saki: Jesus was a very, very, very kind man, who lived a long time ago --
Cecilia: Oh, that's nice.
Saki: ...But he died.
Cecilia: That's terrible! How did he die?
The Hubbin', as he runs away: I'm just going to get up and go somewhere that isn't here
Saki: *nervously looking around* Well, there were people who didn't like Jesus, so they put him on a big cross, and he died there.
Cecilia: That was fresh of them.
Saki: But it's okay, because three days later, he came back to life!
Cecilia: What? How?
Saki: Because Jesus is God's son. And God is magical, and because people believed in him, he helped bring Jesus back to life.
Cecilia: So God is magical?
Saki: Uh....yes. Sort of. Yes.
Cecilia: OH! I get it -- God is magic like Harry Potter!

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