Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Go Saki, it's your Birfday!

Happy Birthday to me, dear BlogFans!

My Hubbin' is notoriously bad at remembering my birthday. He usually pulls out lines like "I knew when your birthday was, I just didn't realize it was today!"

This year, however, he was quite pleased with himself, having not only remembered my birthday on the correct day, but also having a card and gift in hand. The gift was small and thoughtful, I enjoyed it. But what really made me Ell-oh-Ell was the card:

"But it was in the birthday section!" he complained. Before I had a chance to take a picture of the unaltered card, he penned in "OF YOUR BIRTH" beneath "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY WIFE"

Ah, menfolk. Such entertainment they are.

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Getrealmommy said...

Love this. I needed a laugh! Thanks!