Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Away in the Manger

This is a total pet peeve of mine, and probably shouldn't be, seeing as how I'm probably going to hell and all, but it's my blog and I thought I'd just throw it out there.

Obviously, I'm not a devout Catholic. I'm not even remotely good at being Catholic. I eat meat like a carnivore on all the wrong days, I continually forget about lent, and I don't remember the last time I've been to confession.

But I've been to CCD, I know what's up. I learned it all like I was supposed to.

And I learned that baby Jesus does not go in the effing manger until Christmas! What don't you people get? He's not born yet. He doesn't belong in there. Knock yourselves out with your sheeps and donkeys and all the wise men you can handle (though really, I'd only recommend three. Any more would be kind of tacky), but leave Jesus out of there until at least Christmas.

You guys remember the story right?

Mary was like "oh em gee, I'm having a baby." and the Inn was all like "Sorry dude, we're all booked go birth your God child in the barn*." So she did. And Jesus was born on Christmas. Hence, you know, the celebration and stuff.

So if you put a little baby in the manger at home, where exactly is Jesus supposed to sleep?

So as your decking your halls and walls and lawns and whatever else you choose to deck, for the love of God (no pun intended) keep Jesus out of there until Christmas. Ask yourself WWJS**?

Thank you and goodnight.

* See? This is exactly why I'm going to hell.

** Where Would Jesus Sleep, obviously.


:lauren: said...

Remind your devoted fans where you put the Infant Jesus between now and Christmas. And where he used to be kept... ;)

Bonner Blog said...

haha, i am a Christian, i freaking think that is histerical...i love it!