Friday, March 27, 2009

Find a penny, pick it up...

..and you'll be a penny richer!

I've always been somewhat frugal (Stop your snickering.  I can hear you!  I am frugal, dammit).  I love sales, I love sales when I can combine them with coupons.  I love getting things for free, or close to it, and really, who doesn't?

Newspapers often run a section in the paper for people just like me.  They list things you can do for low or no cost in the general area.  Now, I am in the DC area, not the Boston area, but this might just be incentive to go take a drive up 95.  

Oh yes, kids, that is our beloved Mike right there.  Not only is Mike something to do for under $25, has him listed as free.  

Get him while he's hot, ladies!

1 comment:

Theresa said...

That is pretty funny! lol Miss you mama!