Thursday, August 07, 2008

That's just how we roll in Jersey

Saki: I hope my new dress comes in time for the shower.
Wok: Me too.
Saki: Foofy is wearing that fluffy apricot dress from Easter, but we need to go get her shoes
Wok: Sweet, I need shoes too.
Saki: You're not wearing flip flops?
Wok: Mom said I'm not allowed to!
Saki: What?? Why??
Saki: Wait, am I allowed to wear flip flops, 'cause like, it's my party.
Wok: Because she said my dress is too fancy for flip flops
Saki: So get some with sparkles.
Wok: That's exactly what I was gonna do!!!

Hahahahaha...You know you've grown up on the beach when "dressed up" means you wear flip flops with sparkles on them


lauren e said...

CVS sells some cheap ones (our favorite kind) with sequins all over them in silver, gold, black and pink. Really fabulous.

I had this same argument with my mom for just about every formal dance I ever went to.... I don't get it. What's not classy about a festive flip flop?

Tiffany said...

DUDE Acme is actually selling some snazzy glittery flip flop...I love NJ