Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dear Youngest Child of Mine,

Dearest Lucas,

I understand your predicament. I, myself, am a stomach sleeper. You have, however, put a serious cramp in my sleeping style. So I really do feel your pain at the thought of resting on some other body part, like say, your head, rather than your belly. It would not be my first choice either.

Having said this, dear Lucas, the time for you to come out is rapidly approaching, and you, my dear boy, just will not fit out the exit while laying on your belly. It would be an unpleasant day for both of us. If you could kindly rotate your body ever so slightly, and lay on your head for a while, I promise to get you out as soon as humanly possible.


PS- I'm not kidding, Lucas. If you don't flip around you are like WAY grounded.


lauren e said...


Maybe toss in his middle name, too, so he knows you're SUPER serious.

Erica said...

Hi Saki! First, congratulations on your new little guy!! He's adorable (and I love the name Lucas).

I am pretty honored - a new mom of what? A week? And already posting a reply on my blog? You're awesome! :)

Oh, and that Matt Urdan guy seriously creeps me out. Like, how could he not tell I was joking? WOW.