Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Up close and personal with my uterus

I was right - I was measuring exactly a week behind. The new EDD is Sept 8th.

My uterus is retroverted, and the Dr. had a hard time getting a good shot of everything.  One baby is measuring perfectly 7w1d with a heart rate of 156. The other is teeeeeeeny tiny, and the Dr. couldn't locate a heartbeat. He said it's one of two things:

It's either a non-viable pregnancy that will reabsorb and will be no consequence to the first baby. He seemed to lean towards this, but refused to commit to anything. 

Or, because of the tilt of the uterus and bad angle he's getting a bad shot at it, and part of the baby is behind the other one, or it's just not a great angle for viewing the heartbeat. 

So...He offered a few courses of action. One was to come back in two weeks for an ultrasound. The other was to come back at 12 weeks for the nuchal translucency screening (which I was planning on getting anyway). i opted for the second one. I go back the last week of February for the screening, and then we'll know for sure.  I asked him "So, you don't think I'll be carrying twins to term?" and he said "I wouldn't bet the bank on it, but I've seen it happen."

I was so thrown off from the whole "Oh hey look! Two!" thing that I didn't ask for pics. Sorry guys.

How's THAT for an update?

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