Monday, November 26, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas time!!!! And with only 28 shopping days until Christmas, and black Friday behind us, you guys had better get a move on.

I dragged my sorry self (and my husbands even sorrier self...and my 18 month old) out of bed at 4:15 on Friday morning to go stand in line like an asshole at Circuit City, in hopes of electronics on sale. Not only was it 40 below, but the group of seven men in their mid twenties behind us were so drunk they could barely stand. One wore a beer cooler on his back, like a backpack, and they joined together in songs about standing in line, and mocking other people waiting in line with them. I kept hoping that at any second they would just fall over and pass out on the concrete, but no such luck.

From there it was Target, Sams, EB Games, Walmart, Pier 1, and two malls. WTF was I thinking?

Since today is Cyber Monday may I suggest that you wrap up some holiday shopping (or start holiday shopping, as the case may be) at Art From the Ashes**. You won't be disappointed.

**Yes, I am shameless :)

1 comment:

lauren e said...

i like you shameless!

also? YOU ARE INSANE. i can't believe you were with the other yahoo's out that early! was it worth it? whadyaget?