Thursday, April 19, 2007

5 years

When I look back on those times
and those dreams left behind
I'll be glad.
Because I was blessed
to have you in my life.

When I look back on those days
I'll look
and see your face.

In my dreams,
I'll always see you soar
above the sky.

In my heart,
there will always be a place for you
for all my life.

I'll keep a part of you with me
and everywhere I am
there you'll be.


Anonymous said...

okay so im not anonymous but whatever I love you and I hope you have a good day my sexy lovely wife.

lauren e said...

i love you, casey....

i remember thinking 5 years was a long time. transposing myself there. psh - as if, right?

keep moving, girl. you have nothing but people who love you right behind you.