Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pass the tissues

Seeing as how I've acquired the Death Plague of 2010* I felt it imperative to make a partial list of my last will and testament.

I, Saki, being of (somewhat?) sound mind and body bequeath:

all of my yarn and knitting supplies, and my chia Obama head to the Lovely Lauren
all of my fantastic shoes and my wardrobe to LAN
all of my debts to George W Bush (Love ya, Dubs!)
all of my Harry Potter books to my Hubbin' (don't watch the movies without me!)
all of my lawn ornamentation, including concrete donkeys to my mother
all three parakeets to Rike and Myan, because God knows once I'm gone no one will remember to feed them

*Or the flu. One of the two.

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