Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tally me bananas

Quite a while back, The Hubbin' and I watched a documentary on breastfeeding.  It talked about how the United States has such a ridiculous view on nursing children past infancy.  Since I nursed Cecilia for 26 months, the documentary was something I was interested in.  Throughout the program, they interviewed verbal children who still nurse, or could remember nursing.  One little girl remarked with a pronounced British accent "It tasted better than a thousand melons!"  

That remark, of course, became the running joke in our house anytime nursing was brought up.  Which, when you have a baby in the house, is at least every 45 minutes.  

But alas, the time comes in every baby's life that nursing must be supplemented with other types of foods.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the introduction of solid foods into a baby's diet between 4-6 months.  Not wanting to mess with perfection, we wait until closer to 6 months or even a little later to start with "real" food.  

Lucas is eager to put the banana coated spoon into his mouth:  "Get into my mouth, spoon!"
"Oh God, it's worse than I thought, guys!  Blech!  Remove it!  Remove it!"
"PPBBLLTT!  Get out of my mouth bananas!"
"That didn't taste like a thousand melons at all."
"I mean really - WTF?"
"I, Lucas, do solemnly vow to never eat that again."

Lucas: 1
Bananas: 0


lauren e said...

not to mention that breastfed babies have the BEST cheeks... :D

i love his progression of faces captured on film. priceless, casey.

JC said...

"that sh!t is bananas.

Bee-A-iN-A-iN-A-esss- ECK WTF was that crap"