Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 5

Dear Diary. . .

Day 5 with no car. Toddler driving me insane. Pool in the backyard deflated into hapless heap. No capri sun pouches for said toddler. There isn't enough tylenol in the free world.


Dear Lindsay Chevrolet,

You have had my new car since Monday night. I know that you had to wait for the insurance to come out and do their thing, but truly, would it have killed you to be slightly proactive and order some of the necessary parts; like, you know, the hood? The roof maybe? I now have to wait 15 business days for my poor car. Fifteen BUSINESS DAYS! Do you know how long that is in real people time?

Bored, Cranky & Sore

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lauren e said...

love you, girl.