Friday, May 04, 2007

She had two hairs upon her head, one was black and the other was red

My daughter was born with a massive amount of silky hair. I imagined all the bows, ribbons, barrettes and decorations I could bestowe upon her tresses. Ahhh, I love having a girl.

But then all her hair fell out before she was a month old. I never got the chance to use so much as a headband.

Until today!

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"Um, mom. For real. This palmtree-looking-thing on my head has GOT to go. It's like, so 1987"


lauren e said...

looooooove it! :) dont tell me it wasn't worth waiting for a whole year for that.... Just wait til we get in her patchwork! ;)

Amber said...

wtf! finally got my log in info again...I think hers is adorable!!! now try to split that into TWO pigtails ;)

jc said...

awwwww she looks kinda like me :)
she's in training to be a samurai i take it?