Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Resolutions are like promises and promises never keep

Let's see.

1. To end 2007 looking more like a majestic tree and less like an unkept shrub
2. To keep my house clean. Heh. Well, I guess there's always next year for the ones I've already broken.
3. To be a better mom, wife and person
4. To return phone calls as soon as I can, rather than letting the days slip into weeks

And so, a very happy, healthy 2007 to all of my blog readers. I know I speak for more than just myself when I say: thank god 2006 is over.

1 comment:

lauren e said...

word. 2006 can BITE ME.

i dont know about you, but personally i am really looking forward to 2008 and the removal of a certain moron puppet from office. every day is one day closer....

tell your mom i have my own dr. asshat now, by the way. i have your scarves for you (and more than enough dr stories to repeat)...maybe you should come visit the new catface this weekend and i can give them to you then? sorry, long comment.... :) love you guys.