Thursday, May 18, 2006

Off'd a Hoffa who?

We think he's around here somewhere...

So, the FBI finally has its ass in gear, 30+ years later to find the body of Jimmy Hoffa.

That would be wonderful, except they're looking in the wrong place. Being from Jersey and all, I long stood by the idea that good ol' Jimmy was stashed under the 50 yard line of Giants Stadium. However, that was before I moved to Costa Dr.

Since moving here, our dog Guido has developed a more than freaky habit of staring at the landing, directly at the empty space between ceiling and floor. Being a devout Sylvia Brown fan, I know, of course, that this could only mean one thing - Guido was seeing a ghost.

I tried to compile a list of people who I thought it could be, but really, there's no one it could be other than good ol' Jimmy. And so, armed with that knowledge, I sprung it on my husband, demanding he rip out the (already loose and crumbly) drop ceiling under the spot where Guido stares.

After agreeing with my stellar plan* he could hardly contain himself** as he tore down ceiling tiles. Much to my dismay, we couldnt see the spot we*** were hoping to, and we stood staring at one another, stale, stained ceiling tiles swimming around our ankles.

From what we could see, there was nada. However, after pulling back some paneling, we found a really spooky and completely out of place wall:

That could totally conceal a teamster. So, I'm still holding out hope.

* Read: after calling me a freak, and saing he wasn't going to rip out the ceiling, no matter who was buried in it
** Read: he ripped it out anyway, because at the time, his wife was 9 months pregnant and her moods were wild and scary
*** Read: I

1 comment:

lauren e said...

you're both nuts.

VERY entertaining, but nuts. ;)

(not to mention, after the Merv Incident, i am impressed evan had his head anywhere in the ceiling)