Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Holier than thine

While stuck in traffic today approaching the beltway (surprise, surprise) I noticed a gorgeous top of the line, jet black Mercedes Benz a few cars ahead, with a personalized plate. I didn't think much of it, because 8 out 10 cars in Northern Virginia have personalized plates; that is, until we got close enough for me to read what it said.


I took this to stand for "I serve God." Right? I can't think of anything else it could be. H'anyway.

That pisses me off. They serve God, in their $50,000 automobile. I wonder how much the pious ones tithe every week. And, I wonder, if they are actually there to put the check in the collection plate, or do they send their check from Our Lady of St. Mattress?

OOooh Lord, won'tchya buy me a Mercedes Benz.....


lauren e said...

well, CLEARLY they serve God, or they wouldn't be in such a nice car.

Which is why I am in a 97 Buick with cigarette burns, no insurance, vents that don't always work and am desperate for an oil change.


Anonymous said...

Heh, that reminds me of a Jaguar I saw near where I work, the plate of which read "HVF8TH". I wanted to vandalize it but I'm far too nice a person for that.